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ComputerWorks Founder, Jean Oswald, met her first computer in 1978, when the newspaper where she worked was computerized.  It was a new “small” computer, but still had it’s own private air-conditioned room.  She did the nightly backup and they had to get her a step stool to reach the 8” drives.  By 1980, she was managing the accounting for a small family owned business and installed ACCOUNTING PLUS, the best thing available in CPM at the time.


Jean started ComputerWorks in 1982 as an EAGLE computer dealer, marketing to small businesses with word processing and accounting software.  The emphasis was on service and support, while providing a selection of accounting programs.  By 1985, ComputerWorks dropped all hardware sales and became business software specialists.  Re-branded as ComputerWorks Software, we would research accounting programs to find the best fit for each client and had a general knowledge about most of the high end products available at the time.  Based upon the research and knowledge, we selected three products to support, each with strengths in different areas, and became a Certified Dealer/Trainer for CYMA, MAS90 and ACCPAC Plus.


Jean shortly realized there was a whole group of organizations that were being overlooked - those of the non-profit/governmental type.  She found that these organizations were using standard commercial accounting software and trying to manipulate the program to fit their unique needs instead of using specialized "Fund" accounting software.  After extensive research, Jean chose American Fundware as the best fund accounting solution for mid to large size organizations and ComputerWorks Software became an American Fundware dealer in 1988.  We also continued to offer CYMA for small organizations with the company’s new, very affordable, NFP Version.  By 1989, we had changed our focus to exclusively serving non-profit and governmental organizations that had a need for fund accounting software.


In 2001, the company incorporated as a California C Corporation to minimize the tax reporting requirements for our clients and changed our name to ComputerWorks NFP Solutions to better reflect the company's focus.  Jean retired shortly thereafter and the company was taken over by our current president, Jeff Durante.


We continually evaluate products in the market.  As a result, we occasionally add and remove products from our offering based upon what is the best fit for small to large Not-for-Profit Organizations and Government Agencies with the most features and flexibility, while still at a very competitive price.


Through this evaluation process, we have chosen to work with the following Fund Accounting products over the years:


Today, ComputerWorks NFP Solutions has Not-for-Profit, Governmental, and Tribal Government clients throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Alaska.


Our goal is to provide each client with the best software tools, reports and necessary skills to manage their financial requirements, which in turn will help them fulfill their organization’s mission and purpose.  The staff enjoy the challenge of providing solutions to the unique, and sometimes unusual, requirements clients in this market have.


Jean used to say, “Besides filling a special need in this area, I love helping people who help people!”.  This ideal is still at the heart of what drives the company today.



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